Vera Bradley Classic - Tennis Results

Ana Mantica, Content Editor
(Monday, June 4, 2012)
Fort Wayne, Indiana Congratulations to all of the ladies who participated in the tennis portion of the Classic on Friday and Saturday at Wildwood Racquet Club! And a special kudos to the winners of each event. Thank you all for your support!

5.0-5.5 Division
1st Place: Jill Wiggins & Michele Bezjak
2nd Place: Jennifer Topmiller & Robyn Hamlet
3rd Place: Cortney Day & Heather Regan
4th Place: Carey Roth & Jodi Clark

6.0 Division
1st Place: Jennifer Chaffee & Jennifer Hogenbirk
2nd Place: Candice Chaffee & Wendy Sather
3rd Place: Chris Collins & Maggie Nader

6.0-6.5 Division
1st Place: Stephanie Hess & Liz Evans
2nd Place: Barb Libbing & Jenny Fuhrman

7.0 Division
1st Place: Kris Schlagenhauf & Lauren Schlagenhauf
2nd Place: Caroline Hunt & Vicki Welch
3rd Place: Nasreen Ahmed & Elena Smyrniotis
4th Place: Katie McAllister & Janet Prendergast

8.0 Division
1st Place: Sarah Rahrig & Peg Timbrook
2nd Place: Kathy Lentz & Amy Gilbert
3rd Place: Lee Dunstedter & Kathryn Painton
4th Place: Heidi Kleinrichert & Beth Roskuski