In the News: Snap Retail Unveils Campaigns to Support Breast Cancer Research

Snap Retail
(Friday, October 14, 2011)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania SnapRetail, a company that makes it easy for retailers to use email, Facebook and Twitter to market products and increase sales, have announced the launch of the two campaigns to raise funds to support breast cancer research through the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer.

“October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and our company wants to support our partners at the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, who do incredible work,” explains Crystal Vilkaitis, Director of Social Media for SnapRetail. “Together, we believe that we can make a difference.”

The first campaign is called One Word One Dollar and is focused on social media. For the entire month of October, both retailers and consumers can raise awareness of the need for breast cancer research by connecting on SnapRetail’s Facebook page ( and using just one word to describe breast cancer survivors.

“Whether your word is courageous, inspiring or awesome, that single word can help inspire others about the importance of fundraising for breast cancer research,” said Vilkaitis.

From SnapRetail’s Facebook page, the campaign will direct visitors to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, should they want to make a donation. SnapRetail will also encourage its vendor partners and independent retailers to join them in sharing this campaign on their own Facebook pages. SnapRetail has pledged to match all donations through this campaign up to $1500.

Also, during October, SnapRetail will donate a percentage of all of its MarketPlace sales to the Vera Bradley Foundation. SnapRetail operates the industry’s largest multi-line wholesale website at

Catherine Hill, executive director of the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, adds “we have been raising funds for research since 1998. We’re

delighted to see more partners like Snap donate their expertise to support our efforts. The One Word One Dollar campaign is a great way to communicate that every little bit helps and can add up to have a huge impact.”

About The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer: The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer was founded by Vera Bradley owners Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller in 1998. To date, it has contributed $12.25 million to the world renowned research team in the Indiana University Simon Cancer Center in Indianapolis. The team of researchers at the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer Research Laboratories is making significant progress and gaining national recognition for their work in the following areas:

  • Detection of cancer long before tumors form.
  • Identification of women at high risk for developing breast cancer.
  • Breast cancer prevention discoveries.
  • Safer and more effective therapies through individualized therapy based on genetics.
  • Better treatment of recurrences of breast cancer and prevention of metastasis.
  • Enhancing lives of survivors through approaches that improve length and quality of life.

Impressive sales of the Vera Bradley breast cancer awareness colors generate part of this revenue, but another significant portion is the donors like Snap Retail and those who support their fundraising efforts. For more information about the Vera Bradley Foundation, visit

About SnapRetail: SnapRetail makes it easy for independent retailers to market products, increase sales and compete with larger retailers. The Pittsburgh-based company provides the industry’s only digital marketing & content aggregation system designed to improve the unique marketing and selling needs of independent retailers. Recently named one of America’s 100 Brilliant Companies by Entrepreneur Magazine, the company created TrafficBuilder, a virtually automatic marketing system that gives independent retailers all of the materials needed to create high-impact marketing materials in minutes. More information is available on and SnapRetail’s Facebook Fan Page: