What are all those Giggles?

Ana Mantica
(Friday, June 24, 2011)
Fort Wayne, Indiana Bored with games last summer on her dad’s iPhone, then 12-year-old Brooklyn, from Fort Wayne, Indiana, set out to design her own iPhone game after being challenged by her dad. She sketched out a few ideas, impressed her dad, and he decided to support her idea and help her turn those drawings into a real game for the iPhone – Giggle Bear.

Brooklyn is all smiles at the Vera Bradley Classic.

Now, the bright, creative 13-year-old can add entrepreneur and philanthropist to her list of accomplishments – not only is her new game coming this month, she’s donating a portion of the proceeds from Giggle Bear to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer in honor of her mom, Marsha, a breast cancer survivor.

In between homework, dance lessons, tennis and all the normal teen girl things, Brooklyn had to make time to travel back and forth from Austin, Texas, where she met with different computer development companies. “I had to work hard to do it. My first meeting was kinda scary sitting in that big chair,” Brooklyn says.

The game features Giggle Friends living in Giggle World, and users can create their own friends, take care of them, play games with them, and win rewards to build their collection. Brooklyn adds: “I’m hoping that kids will like it and think it’s cute and fun, and tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and their friends will tell their friends, and it will spread and get on the iTunes top 10 list of apps.”

While the family worked on designing and launching the application, Brooklyn’s mom, was diagnosed with breast cancer in October. Happy and healthy today, Marsha, Brooklyn and their family decided to donate a part of the proceeds from the app to Vera Bradley Foundation. “We want to use proceeds from this game to make a difference for others by helping to support breast cancer treatment research, so, one day, families will not have to go through such an ordeal,” Marsha explains.

Next up: Updates to Giggle Bear and a new music app created by Brooklyn's twin brother, Geoffrey!

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