Vera Bradley Playhouse, Home Sweet Home

Ana Mantica, Content Editor
(Thursday, May 5, 2011)
Fort Wayne, Indiana For long-time Vera Bradley fan Kelly Lehmann, winning the pretty, pink, one-of-a-kind playhouse at the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale topped off a perfect girl’s weekend. When Kelly, a 6th grade and high school intervention specialist, traveled to Fort Wayne from Ottawa, Ohio with her mom, aunt and sister for a fun shopping trip, she expected to come home with an armful of colorful bags, not a playhouse and an opportunity to honor a beloved aunt.

As soon as Kelly noticed the Vera Bradley Foundation table at the Sale, she went right over to make a donation. “I lost an aunt to brain cancer a couple of years ago, and we were really close. As a cancer research foundation, I wanted to donate for her and wasn’t expecting to be entered into the giveaway. Winning was a bonus!” The playhouse currently lives in the driveway – “It’s the talk of the neighborhood!” she adds.

“People told me to sell the playhouse,” says Kelly, 24, who is not married and doesn’t yet have kids of her own, “but, I said, ‘There’s no way I’m selling his house!’ I have lots of cousins, and I plan to put the playhouse in the backyard so they and all the neighborhood kids can come over to play.”