Meet the Team

Linda Houk, Events Coordinator

Lynda Houk Executive Director

I love the amazing and talented people that I work with, both the Foundation staff and our many volunteers. I have learned many things from them that make me a better person. It is amazing to see how the common thread of wanting to put an end to breast cancer motivates us to do our best. Like most women, I have had friends and family who have both fought breast cancer and survived as well as passed away. I am working for them as well as my daughter who I never want to take that journey. 

Teresa Davis, Amdinistrative Assistant

Teresa Davis Administrative Assistant

Everyone on our team shares the same mission: The eradication of breast cancer as a life-threatening disease. We all want to see this happen for our daughters, daughters-in-law, grandchildren and for future generations. My best friend from high school is a survivor and I have many other friends and family that have been affected by this disease. But as serious as we are about our work, this doesn’t feel like a job. We have so much fun working together! 

Kris Reese, Brand Manager

Kris Reese Brand Manager

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to design communications and collateral for the Foundation that express our motivations and the every day beauty in what we do. Managing the Foundation brand is the most rewarding job I've had and often doesn't feel like work. My husband's grandmother passed away at a young age from breast cancer and several of my friends have lost their mothers to cancer. These lost opportunities – women who never got to meet their grandchildren – are what motivate me the most.