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With your help, we’ll accelerate the pace of meeting our fundraising goals!

There are two major objectives for Partner Event fundraising:

  1. Bring more dollars to the Vera Bradley Foundation by providing dedicated supporters like you with the tools to inspire others to give.

  2. Broaden our awareness and base of supporters by increasing the number of fundraising events.

What involvement and resources should you expect from our organization?

Below you will find some useful information as you plan your fundraiser.

And remember, if you are inspired to raise funds, but not quite ready to host an event, another option is to set up a online fundraising page.

Event Support

We will help you promote your fundraiser in the following ways.

Foundation Letter of Support

A message on Foundation letterhead stating that we support your fundraising efforts and that the funds raised will be donated to the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. This is a helpful tool as you seek donations and discounts from other event vendors (decor, food, printing, etc.).

News Release Template

We provide a draft news release for you to customize with your event details and disseminate to your local and regional media sources (radio, newspaper, television).

Social Media/Email/

We will add your event to our Vera Bradley Foundation Facebook Events listing.

  • Depending upon the size and scale of your event, any of the following may be provided:
  • • your information may be distributed to a broader group on the Vera Bradley Corporate Facebook page
  • • promotion on a promotional banner and/or a news story
  • • a directed email to either our Vera Bradley Foundation constituent email list and/or a targeted group of Vera Bradley fans
Vera Bradley Product

Because our Foundation is closely associated with the Vera Bradley brand, Vera Bradley products are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests. We will provide one auction item or door prize for use at your event.

Vera Bradley Foundation Handout

We will send you a packet of our general information handout to share with guests at your event.

Advertising and Promotional Material

If you have special requests, the Foundation team may be able to accommodate you with additional marketing materials. Once you complete your Event Inquiry Form, we will be in touch to discuss your needs. Vera Bradley Foundation does not provide our mailing list.

Any publicity on radio or TV must refer to us as the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer, no other variation is acceptable. Please refer all media questions about the organization to Vera Bradley Public Relations at (260) 207-5176 or and/or direct them to find answers to general questions about the Foundation on

Collecting Donations

Donations to the Foundation can be made in one lump sum or in multiple checks from individual guests.

Lump Sum

Host collects all contributions (cash, credit card charges and checks) and makes a single contribution to the Foundation reflecting the net event revenue.


Host collects individual cash and checks made payable to the Vera Bradley Foundation and sends them all directly to the Foundation.

In both cases, we are happy to prepare customized thank you letters from the Foundation to individual guests. (In the case of a lump sum check, host must provide contact information for each person who made a payment.) Please note the thank you letter will include the IRS receipt language for exact amount of contribution only in the case of individual gifts made directly to the Vera Bradley Foundation. Per IRS regulations, we can receipt only for contributions made directly to our organization.

Let's get started

More questions? View the Host an Event FAQs

Before you get started, download the Host an Event Checklist