From the Director

An update from the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer

BY Lynda Houk, Executive Director

Dear Friends,

This year we celebrated many advancements in the research lab and in patient clinical trials. There are currently 28 clinical trials in place across the country. Progress includes new drug development of a potential inhibitor that turns off a specific protein that drives cancer growth. The first clinical trial combining two new drugs that genetically target metastatic triple negative disease is also underway.

Even with all this progress, our work is not done. We are reminded daily of the importance of not giving up the fight. At the heart of our dedication to breast cancer research is our commitment to the many women affected by breast cancer: our mothers, our grandmothers, our sisters, coworkers, neighbors and friends. I have a friend Christy who has been battling metastatic breast cancer for the past six years. A wife, mother and grandmother, she knows that personalized treatments and research are what is keeping her alive and thriving. She is able to play with her grandbabies, dance with her husband and laugh with her friends because of the research we help support. Christy is fighting for her life, and we stand by her, and all those battling this terrible disease.

​Make a generous donation today to support breast cancer research. Together, we make a difference.

Warm Regards,

Lynda Houk
Executive Director